Fuji Frontier 340/500/550/570/590/700/710/720/750/760/770/790 - CP-49E chemicals

The Fuji Digital Minilab series Frontier 340, Frontier 500/550/570/590, Frontier 700/710/720 and Frontier 750/760/770/790 features high-speed processing with the new chemical system CP-49E - giving time saving efficiency. Optimum processor conditions and high quality prints can be guaranteed only by using Fuji's unique chemical technology comprised in the CP-49E package and chemistry. As with its predecessors, the Frontier 330-350-355-370-375-390, Fuji's unique concept of "one-touch chemical replenishment" is also fully integrated offering one touch loading, automatic mixing and virtually eliminating the possibility of mixing errors.

Also available is the CP-49LR cartridge, which can be replenished on top of existing CP-49E chemistry and is designed for high throughput laboratories (above 105m2 per week for Frontier 550/570/590 and 7-series users).