DL- 0810 Digital Minilab  
Technical Specifications:  
Type: Digital printer processor  
Light source: LED  
Exposure: LCD panel  
Paper width: 9~15cm(3R~6R)  
Paper advance: 9~23cm
Print size: 3.5"X5" ~6"X9" (15X23cm)  
Paper feeding: load and rewind automatically  
Processing technique: RA-4 (equivalent)
Processing capacity: ~500prints/hr (10X15cm)  
Paper transport: Alternative roller transport, first cut then print, vacuum exposure platform, output one by one  
Processing time: 2'25" (CD 30S)  
Acceptable paper: All types of photographic paper
Operation hint: Operation and trouble shooting info
Chemical replenishment: Automatic
Tank volume: CD: 7L, BF: 7L, STB: 4L.  
Replenisher tank volume: CD:10L, BF:10L, STB: 10L
Weight: 270Kg(without chemicals)
Power supply: AC210-230V, 50/60Hz
Current: 12A  
Power (est. maximum): 5 KW  
Main Characteristics:  
High resolution, excellent photo quality  
Utilize world-class color management software with easy adjustment of color, brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness  
Realize single digital channel with precise densitometer  
All round input and output
Accept TIFF, JPEG, BMP file format through CF, SM, MMC, SD, XD, MS, CD and other input devices  
Produce various output sizes up to 152mm x 228mm (6"x9") and format including ID photos, business cards, invitation cards, and other creative photos  
Satisfy most customer requirements by the powerful and versatile software editing tools
Stable processing system:
Utilize the industry standard Windows XP and LINUX system for client/server computers
Offer stable processing system and reduces machine down time