Agfa DT1B



DRYSTAR DT1B offers high contrast and high density, giving you the best quality hardcopies with the DRYSTAR 2000, DRYSTAR 3000 or DRYSTAR 4500(M) imager. Furthermore, it's based on ecologically friendly, award winning technology, so it's clearly an excellent choice for the future.

DRYSTAR DT 1 is a Direct Digital grayscale medium for high quality hardcopies.

Can be used with following products and services
DRYSTAR 2000, DRYSTAR 3000 and DRYSTAR 4500(M) imagers.

Suitable for following market segments
Medical printing of grayscale images.


Key benefits
Dry processing grayscale medium, specially designed for DRYSTAR 2000, DRYSTAR 3000 and DRYSTAR 4500(M) imagers

No wet processing, no darkroom, no chemicals

Clear and sharp images

Excellent image stability

Secure archiving up to 20 years.